PERFORMANCE: Medway Commissioning Group has published a draft communications and engagement strategy, focusing on reducing health inequalities.

It sets out how Medway Commissioning Group “will inform, engage and involve local people, partners, stakeholders and healthcare professionals. It identifies who we need to inform and involve, how we will do this and the outcomes we want to achieve”.

The strategy document highlights one of the CCG’s aims is “to reduce health inequalities, add life to years and years to life, deliver substantial efficiency gains and drive up quality”.

It states: “For a range of different reasons the health of people in Medway is often poorer when compared with people in the rest of the country. Therefore, it is a priority for us that people have the information they need to look after their own health and know how to access health services when they need them.”

It notes that Medway has a smaller proportion of older people aged 65 and over than England as a whole, which is expected to continue into the future, but life expectancy of those born in Medway is lower than the South East and England as a whole.

This is attributable to significantly higher rates of early death from cancer and cardiovascular disease than is found nationally.

Six key health goals are identified in the plans:

  • Improving health and wellbeing
  • Target killer diseases
  • Care pathways closer to home
  • Supporting future generations
  • Promoting independence and improved quality of life
  • Improving mental health

The CCG is asking members of the public to email comments on the strategy.