PERFORMANCE: The primary care trust has submitted a carbon management plan to its board which will cost £620,000 over the next five years.

A report on the 100-page plan estimates it will save £276,000 a year and £796,000 cumulatively over five years. However, this saving is expected to be offset by revenue costs and capital investment.

Board papers note that Jill Norton, NHS Medway’s assistant director for property, asked the board to sign off the plan and support it “so that successor organisations are able to take the programme further forward and continue to make progress to the reduction targets”.

She said: “This includes commitment to the funding of around £620,000 required to deliver the projects over the five years of the plan and the ongoing senior level commitment to enable the necessary staff resources to continue to be made available.”

Her report adds that the plan was evaluated by the Carbon Trust in February, when it was described as “a superb plan, comprehensive and compelling” with an overall score of 146 out of a possible 150.

NHS Medway was selected to participate in the NHS Carbon Management Programme in May 2010.

Based on 2009 figures NHS Medway had an estate portfolio with a Gross Internal Area of 28,905m2. It produced 2,302 tonnes of waste, with the largest element being confidential waste at a total cost of £96,000, and had a fuel consumption of approx 9,000,000Kwh per annum at a cost of £387,000.