The mental health of refugees and asylum seekers is being made worse by UK detention centres and complex asylum and immigration processes, according to the charity Mind.

It reports that lack of support and resources is triggering mental health problems and making existing conditions worse.

It says denying refugees access to NHS services and treatments, and restrictive healthcare, education, accommodation and employment policies, are further marginalising people caught up in the system.

In particular, it says, primary care trusts and local authorities need to do more to liaise with refugee community organisations to develop culturally appropriate services.

Mind spokesman Marcel Vige said: “Accessing services is hugely difficult for a wide range of reasons, from language barriers to the stigma surrounding mental health, and this further marginalises them to the isolated fringes of society.

“While we came across some excellent examples of tailored services for refugee and asylum seekers, a vast number are not getting much needed help.”