PERFORMANCE: The mental health trust’s performance deteriorated in October, but remained within the limits required for its application for foundation trust-equivalent status, latest board papers show.

The trust’s November performance report said that its FTe application required that it maintain a risk rating of 1.9 or lower under FT regulator Monitor’s compliance framework. By October 31 the trust’s rating had risen to 1.5, up from 1.0 in September, but it was forecasting a 0 rating for 2010/11 as a whole.

The trust also has to achieve a score of 1.9 or more under the NHS Performance framework. In October its score fell to 1.9, down from 2.5 in September.

It listed the areas where it needed to improve as:

  • Access to healthcare for people with learning disabilities.
  • Recording of accomodation status.
  • Recording of employment status.
  • Recording of Health of the Nation Outcome Scales.
  • Proportion of patients on [a Care Programme Approach] reviewed in the last 12 months.