FINANCE: The trust reported a deficit of £4.529m at the end of October against a planned deficit of £3.785m, representing a negative variance to plan of £744,000.

It reflects a worsening in-month position with an adverse variance to plan of £449,000.

Contract activity remained ahead of plan at the end of October: elective inpatients were ahead of plan by 3.8 per cent, non-elective inpatients by 4.7 per cent and outpatients above plan by 2.9 per cent.

Pay had also overspent by £504,000 (5.88 per cent) and non-pay by £244,000 (5.85 per cent).

Without immediate action the trust forecast a year end deficit “based purely on what we know now” of at least £9.9m against a planned deficit of £7.4m.