Some patients at Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust are continuing to suffer poor care more than four years after widespread failures at the trust first emerged.

A patient experience survey by a local health watchdog has received complaints of patients being left to lie in their own urine, failure to administer pain relief, rude staff and medical misdiagnoses.

Engaging Communities Staffordshire, an independent social enterprise established in the wake of the scandal at Mid Staffordshire, received 142 responses from the public covering the years between 1997 and 2013.

A total of 25 per cent said they had an overall negative experience. Six per cent said their experience at the trust was mixed while 69 per cent said their time as a patient was positive.

The most frequently praised aspect of care was the hospital staff themselves, the report said.

Forty-seven per cent of the complaints related to incidents since 2011. The report said many of those who suffered poor care encountered a number of failings in different aspects of their care.

One patient complained of being left lying in their own urine or faeces as recently as 2012.

The trust has faced intense scrutiny in recent years and was at the centre of the public inquiry led by Robert Francis QC.

While acknowledging the majority of responses were positive, the report says: “These statistics alone cannot fully convey the massive divergence in the experiences of care conveyed to us, ranging from completely appalling instances of care to outstandingly positive experiences.

“It is important for Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust to consider why this lack of consistency in care may occur.”

Julie Hendry, director of quality and patient experience at the trust, said it was making efforts to contact patients who had recent negative experiences.

She said examples of patients left in their own urine was “totally unacceptable and we would never try and defend that at all.”

“We have 370,000 patient episodes a year but for that patient I accept it was an awful experience and we need to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

She added: “We are obviously disappointed but this report is at odds with all the feedback we are getting so we need to understand it and certainly we aren’t dismissing it.”


Biggest areas for complaint

Theme of responsesNumbers of patients
Lack of dignity and respect26
Nurses unresponsive to immediate needs22
Rude members of staff17
Long waiting times / cancellations15
Lack of hygiene or cleanliness15
Lack of or contradictory information13
Nurses seemed understaffed12
Poor coordination / lost tests or notes12
Serious misdiagnosis or late diagnosis8
Under qualified staff6