Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust has asked patients and visitors who have had contact with someone with measles to stay away from the hospital.

The trust has issued the plea due to an increased incidence of measles in the West Midlands.

In a statement the hospital said it was hoping to help protect patients from infection, by reducing the potential for exposure to the measles virus spread by coughs and sneezes.

Maggie Oldham, chief operating officer at Mid Staffs said: “Although we have good infection prevention and control measures within our hospitals, it’s important that we take every opportunity to reduce any potential risk to patients and staff. Pregnant women, children and people with suppressed immune systems, such as cancer patients, are especially vulnerable.

“We know that sometimes visitors feel they must take every opportunity to visit sick friends or relatives. However, if they themselves have been unwell or in contact with someone with measles, they could be putting others at risk.”