FINANCE: Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust is recording an in-year deficit and having problems meeting A&E waiting time performance requirements.

The troubled trust is the only site declaring a deficit in Yorkshire and the Humber, according to September strategic health authority papers. The year to date deficit is £3.5m. SHA papers say: “The trust is dealing with a range of service and financial performance issues… In financial terms the two main elements of the challenge in 2011-12 are delivery by the Trust of a £30m cost improvement programme, and securing agreement across the Health Economy of an approach to meeting an additional in-year financial gap of £14m. The trust’s internal position at this stage, both through slippage on CIP schemes, and through some new pressures, means that it is not currently achieving its financial plans.”

In relation to the A&E four-hour waiting standard, September SHA papers say: “Mid Yorkshire Hospitals have significantly under-delivered against the A&E standard this year, their year to date position being 92.56%. They stand out as the only provider within Yorkshire and Humber who are failing their year to date performance against this standard. The level of failure within Mid Yorkshire has attracted significant attention from the Department of Health, who have requested a detailed recovery plan which they are monitoring on an on-going basis. Mid Yorkshire do not plan to be able to deliver the A&E standard until September 2011, this position is predicated on a number of strategic changes across the Mid Yorkshire Health economy. The DH continues to express their concern with this position.”