SERVICES: Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust is setting up a stakeholder forum to get input on how services should develop locally - but it does not want to hear from criminals.

The 24 members of the forum – drawn from Wakefield, Pontefract and North Kirklees – will all have to pass Criminal Records Bureau checks and can’t have any criminal convictions.

The trust is also excluding staff members and those closely related to board members or board members of commissioning organisations. But it is also advertising for a non-executive director – who can have criminal convictions as long as they have not been sentenced to a jail sentence of more than three months in the last five years.

The first meeting of the forum is expected to be in April. The trust says: “Prospective members will be asked to demonstrate how they will use their networks to support the trust to communicate and seek views from the public.”

Trust chair Jules Preston d said: “We are asking people with a strong interest in healthcare to offer their comments and experiences to the trust board and senior leadership team, on behalf of the community, to feed into the way we plan our services.

“We are looking for people who are able to demonstrate a real commitment to helping to develop the Trust’s strategy and vision for the future.”