Mixed-sex accommodation rule breaches in NHS wards have decreased in the past month, newly released figure show.

Providers of NHS-funded healthcare reported 1,079 breaches in England during September, compared with 1,092 in August. July saw trusts record 1,126 breaches.

The NHS has been required since December 2010 to collect data on mixed-sex accommodation, with hospitals facing a £250 fine for each day a patient is kept in mixed-sex accommodation.

Since the introduction of the new monitoring scheme the number of breaches has fallen by 90 per cent.

In December 2010, hospitals reported that 11,802 patients stayed in mixed-sex accommodation.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said earlier this year that patients can now expect single-sex accommodation across the NHS.

He said that any future capital investments in NHS hospitals - whether new or refurbished - should consider having a minimum of 50 per cent single en-suite rooms.

He said: “Single-sex accommodation is what people can now expect.

“By introducing greater transparency, this government has driven down breaches by 90 per cent in eight months.”