Last week's health select committee report completes a full house of condemnation of the Modernising Medical Careers reform process, writes Matthew Jameson Evans

The affected cohort of doctors now have two independent inquiries, a High Court judge and a parliamentary inquiry that all agree how bullishly dysfunctional the Department of Health and strategists from the medical profession have been.

But for the "lost tribe" the fallout of MMC is terminal. For them the committee's lessons-to-be-learned approach is useful but, offering no more than recommendations, the committee might sympathise with doctors' scepticism as to those lessons being learned.

By and large the same people that championed the fiasco have flourished despite what happened. Thus the infamous "creative writing exercises" lambasted in the report are ever-present in many specialist training application forms.

With no one called to account by the committee, the power of this fine report is greatly reduced.

Matthew Jameson Evans, co-founder, RemedyUK