On the back of the HSJ story about one in five GP practices underperforming across a significant number of quality and performance measures, below is the list of those rated red on their PCT’s scorecard in more than a third of areas.

Several PCTs did provide scorecards with information that contributed to the one-in-five calculation, but did not provide practice names, so they are not included.

The list is very uncleaned, I’m afraid - in some cases giving only the practice code. The date of the most recent scorecard provided to HSJ, from which the information was taken, is also shown. Often they are quite outdated.

That’s a reflection both of the drawn out process of producing the cards and agreeing them with practices, and the fact that some PCTs now seem to have stopped producing them amid the uncertainty and change since the beginning of last year.

I have listed the practice names mainly to demonstrate the “one in five” are real practices based on real, albeit generally out of date, performance data.

As covered in the news piece the cards are a primitive starting point both for quality improvement benchmarking and performance management, the two functions which as usual don’t sit comfortably together.

The method and information collected in them seems to me interesting as a starting point on both fronts, though, which is why I looked at it.

Taking the step of publishing data locally, as a handful of PCTs have managed (Newham and Southwark for example) also seems like a good way of moving forward.

The first main outstanding questions is, how will the responsibilities and methods for this kind of work translate into the new system? (Primary care commissioning and improvement seems to have been overlooked for many years, according to this recent King’s Fund work, and could be again.)

The second is, what progress will be made on making available more and better benchmarking information about GP performance and quality? The measures here are narrow and many rightly disputed. But there is very little else to go on (unlike in much secondary care) , an issue highlighted in last year’s National Quality Board review, and not so far addressed in the “Information Revolution”.



February 2010

  • E86622 Dr R Kanthan H & H
  • E86027 Dr Paramanathan & Ptns UXB & WD
  • E86629 Dr M Siddiqui Nth Hill


Hammersmith and Fulham

March 2010

  • Dr Wilson
  • Dr Dasgupta
  • Dr Dhar
  • Cassidy Road
  • Dr Jefferies (292 Munster Road)
  • Dr Dandapat
  • Dr Badat
  • Dr Uppal
  • Dr Das
  • Dr Anyiam-Osigwe
  • Dr Aras


South Gloucestershire

  • L81649 Bradley Stoke Surgery
  • L81639 Mangotsfield Surgery
  • L81046 Leap Valley Surgery
  • L81028 Northville Family Practice
  • L81029 The Three Shires Medical Practice
  • L81036 Coniston Medical Practice



2009/10 year end

  • E81026
  • E81028
  • E81041
  • E81054
  • E81063
  • E81073
  • E81618
  • Y02332


Tower Hamlets


  • F84123  GLOBE TOWN SURGERY               
  • F84122  ISLAND HEALTH               




  • The Moneeb Practice
  • Barnsbury Medical Practice
  • The Village Practice



November 2009

  • Badsley Moor Lane
  • Broom Valley Road
  • Queen’s


Barking and Dagenham


  • F82003
  • F82023
  • F82034
  • F82042
  • F82629
  • F82687
  • Y01280
  • Y01719
  • F82038
  • F82642
  • F82040
  • F82661
  • F82668
  • F82001
  • F82027
  • F82035
  • F82665
  • F86040
  • F82647
  • F82025
  • F82621


Southwark (August 2010) http://www.southwarkpct.nhs.uk/our_services/doctors_dentists_pharmacists_and_opticians

  • The Surgery, 249 Old Kent Road (Dr Lee)
  • Acorn & Gaumont House Surgery



July 2010

  • Bhatia
  • Botting
  • Cooper (PMS)
  • Fitzmaurice
  • Flood (PMS)
  • Griffiths
  • Hudson
  • Jezierski
  • Johnson
  • Kudra
  • Palacci
  • Robertson
  • Sarajlic
  • Sinha
  • Weeks (PMS)



February 2009

  • B81002 Kumar-Choudhary A
  • B81104 Nayar JK
  • B81112 Ghosh PC
  • B81119 Palooran & George
  • B81616 Hendow GT
  • B81644 Chestnut Farm Surgery
  • B81685 Poulose NA
  • B81645 Abraham T
  • B81018 Orchard 2000
  • B81008 Tommins KS
  • B81020 Sutton Manor
  • B81021 Faith House Surgery
  • B81035 Sande WGT
  • B81040 Newman PF
  • B81057 MacPhie S
  • B81072 Percival R
  • B81075 Mallik MK
  • B81080 Malczewski GS
  • B81085 Richardson JW
  • B81094 Datta AK
  • B81646 Austin J
  • B81674 Joseph JC
  • B81675 Tak & Stryjakiewicz
  • B81688 Gopal KV



October 2009

  • F85700  Arnos Grove Medical Centre
  • F85073  Bush Hill Park Medical Practice



June 2010

  • L85018 Cannington HC
  • L85022 Hendford Lodge MC
  • L85037 North Curry




  • K83005 Queensway Medical Centre
  • K83012 King Edward Road Surgery
  • K83015 Danetre Medical centre
  • K83020 Rillwood Medical Centre
  • K83024 Rushden Medical Centre
  • K83026 Albany House Medical Centre
  • K83033 Weston Favell Health Centre (Molla)
  • K83042 Park Avenue Surgery
  • K83043 Abington Health Complex
  • K83045 Pytchley Court Health Centre
  • K83048 Brook Medical Centre
  • K83058 Clarence Avenue Surgery
  • K83059 Woodsend Medical Centre
  • K83074 Weston Favell Health Centre (Lings Brook)
  • K83076 Weston Favell Centre (Dogra)
  • K83080 Higham Ferrers Surgery
  • K83610 Danes Camp Surgery
  • K83618 Weston Favell Health Centre (Lakha)
  • K83621 Maple Access Practice
  • Y00028 Kings Heath Health Centre


  • Lund GMS
  • Sastry GMS
  • Dahanayake GMS



  • B86643  Rai A