This week I have produced something that just might actually prove useful.

Everyone knows all the health news worth reading, or watching, is on However, when it comes to listening - and hearing a minister's verbal gymnastics or that surprise spending commitment from a shadow - you may be forgiven for turning to the Today programme.

This week's gizmo, produced with Yahoo! Pipes, aims to spread the enjoyment of such moments. It trawls through the content of the current day's Today, picking out health-related items, and linking directly to the sound clip of that item.

If this looks useful you can access the pipe directly or use the RSS feed of it to update your RSS reader daily. While you're at it, discover HSJ's RSS feeds.

I am naming the tool, unofficially, the Montague-o-matic, in tribute to the fairest of the Today presenters and Confed 2009 chair.

Some warnings: It only works properly after the BBC have finished putting the stuff on the Internet which seems to be about 10am; it is fairly untested and may break at any point; and you may be exposed to a feature in which the public suggest practical ways for the NHS to save money.

I urge anyone familiar with this sort of thing to open up the source of the pipe (the commands and things that make it work), alter and improve it.

For others, attempting to play about with Pipes may reaffirm your decision to work in health, not IT.

You might also want to use RSS to keep up to date with HSJ news.