Andrew Lansley has told Department of Health staff of plans to create employee-owned foundation trusts with public membership, bringing together elements of the existing social enterprise and FT models.

In a meeting with civil servants last week, a transcript of which has been seen by HSJ, Mr Lansley said: “Within the National Health Service I think we are moving to a world where there will be a plurality of providers, including many NHS organisations who to all intents and purposes become social enterprises, not part of what they regard as a single organisation, but feeling that they are more self governing organisations, but perhaps on the FT model, with the public as principal members and owners of a foundation trust, but also I hope creating opportunities for there to be employee-owned foundation trusts - effectively mutual organisations across the National Health Service.”

The comments built on suggestions he made at a hustings event in April.

In the briefing, Mr Lansley also spoke of plans to rethink GP incentives, move the DH away from being “the headquarters of the National Health Service”, and prioritise public health.

Read a transcript of the briefing in full.