WORKFORCE: PricewaterhouseCoopers won a Management Consultancy Association award for its work on the east London hospital’s cost reduction programme.

PwC’s entry for the operational performance in the public sector award said: “Our approach took a ‘big picture’ look at a patient’s journey through the trust’s hospitals. The result was our patient pathway service model – a fundamental redesign of the way the trust delivered administrative and clerical services.

“At the centre of this redesign was a brand new role – that of the patient pathway coordinator. These employees would take on the task of supporting patients throughout their entire journey through the hospital. No more unnecessary paperwork, as patients moved from one stage of care to the next. No more passing off to other teams. Instead, we proposed an organisational design that would have patients watched over by one person from the moment they entered a trust hospital to the day they checked out.”

The consultancy said the redesign had saved £1m a month in administrative and clerical workforce costs.

The award was given on Thursday 19 April.