NHS organisations will be judged by whether patients report their care as well integrated, and the number of deaths in hospital attributable to poor care, under the mandate.

The government published a new NHS Outcomes Framework alongside the mandate today. The mandate requires the NHS to improve against all indicators in the outcomes framework.

The updated framework for 2013-14 includes a proposal to measure “hospital deaths attributable to problems in care” for different areas and organisations. The indicator does not yet exist and the framework says it “will be developed over the coming months”. It will increase the focus on patient safety and care effectiveness, particularly in hospitals.

Another proposed indicator in development is “improving people’s experience of integrated care”. The NHS Future Forum recommended a single measure of integration and the government committed to creating one in its care and support white paper in the summer.

The outcomes framework also for the first time includes an indicator from the “friends and family test” which will “ask patients whether they would recommend the hospital where they received their treatment and care, to a family member or friend”.

There are new cancer indicators, including one and five year survival from all cancers; and a measure of dementia diagnosis rates. Another addition is a proposal to develop a measure of “recovery from common mental health problems (depression and anxiety) as well the treatment of more severe mental illness”. The framework says: “A significant change to this year’s NHS Outcomes Framework is a stronger emphasis on mental health.”