The chief executive of NHS England has revealed further details of his plan to hand clinical commissioning groups a role in commissioning primary care.

Simon Stevens told HSJ that he planned to introduce “provisions that allow NHS England to delegate budget responsibilities for chunks of primary care and…to establish joint committees with CCGs which could do that”.

Feedback from CCGs has revealed varying degrees of interest in the idea of taking on a primary commissioning role, he added.

“What we’ve heard from CCGs is that some of them frankly want to do more than others.

“So we’re not going to say across the board this is what it’s got to look like.

“They’ve got to work out what exactly what it is they would like us to think about”.

He added that NHS Clinical Commissioners and the NHS Citizens’ Assembly could also help by examining different models.

His comments follow his appearance at the health committee last week, where he revealed that his organisation would by autumn publish a report on the future of the health service’s future in light of the financial environment.

He told HSJ this was not specifically a “funding piece” but would examine the future direction of the NHS.

It would draw on five-year plans which the organisation was working on at a local level, he added.

They would help “answer the question: what kind of new clinical models are we going need in the different parts of the country?”

“We’re going to be working with local areas over that period of time to stimulate some more creative thinking,” he added.