HSJ’s unique analysis shows the spread of hospital deaths confirmed as coronavirus cases to date, by trust and area, as well as the regional growth trends.

The deaths in English hospitals of a further 604 people who tested positive for coronavirus have been reported today (3 April).

The figures were collated between 5pm on 1 April and 5pm on 2 April, but due to the need to inform relatives and authenticate reports, many of the deaths occurred earlier than this period. It is also likely that some deaths which did occur during these 24 hours have not yet been recorded for many of the same reasons.

The figures do not include those who have died from the virus outside hospital (which is likely to be an increasingly significant number).

The recent increase in the proportion of deaths recoreded in the north east and Yorkshire region appears not to be a blip, meanwhile the south west continues to avoid the worst ravages of the virus.

Across the country, three trusts have recored at least 100 deaths. Sixteen trusts have reported more than 50 fatalities, 10 of which are in London.


Note: the graphs showing regional per capita mortality and growth trends will return very soon.