The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has responded to the publication of the NHS Future Forum report.

Responding to the report this afternoon, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges chairman Professor Sir Neil Douglas said: “It is clear from the recommendations in their report that the NHS Future Forum has genuinely been listening to the views of patients and clinicians. We welcome this and applaud the Forum for their work.

“Whilst we obviously need to study the detail of the report, the overall recommendations appear in line with what Medical Royal Colleges have been proposing.

“The Academy has a particular interest in education and training and welcomes the re-assurances on maintaining Deanery functions. We are particularly pleased to see the recommendation for employers to ensure that clinical staff have the time to participate in Royal College or other activities outside their own organisation which are to the benefit of the wider NHS. Without this involvement, crucial work in the development of clinical and education standards would not be possible.

“It would seem that the proposals will strengthen the bill and help protect the provision of integrated, co-ordinated care in the NHS which has been one of our key objectives. We are also pleased to see confirmation that there needs to be full multi-professional involvement in the commissioning process. It certainly makes sense to have a more flexible timetable for the establishment of consortia.

“Making the changes recommended will amend the current proposals in a way that should ultimately protect and improve the services patients receive. That has to be the key consideration

“We hope the government will now accept the Future Forum’s recommendations in full and move swiftly to make the changes to the bill and the proposals that are required.”