• Emergency admission and bed day rate change at all new care model vanguards revealed
  • Data from NHS England dashboard obtained by HSJ

NHS England figures obtained by HSJ show how each national new care model vanguard has performed on the programme’s “efficiency” measures. 

The information is from the national performance dashboard for the 14 multispeciality community providers and nine primary and acute care systems.

It compares the rate of emergency admissions and bed days – the programme’s two “efficiency” measures – in the 12 months to September 2017, to that in the 2014-15 financial year.

In July 2017, all PACS sites were told by NHS England that their emergency admission rate for each quarter of 2017-18 would need to grow 3 per cent less than the rest of England, in order to receive national funding. The target for MCPs was 1 per cent lower than the rest of the country.

The five vanguards with highest percentage increase in their emergency admissions rate between 2014-15 and the 12 months to September 2017:

NameVanguard typeChange in emergency admission rateChange in bed days rateTotal population covered
South Somerset Symphony PACS 15.6% 0.8% 132,354
Dudley Multispeciality Community Provider MCP 10.8% -2.7% 318,492
Calderdale Health & Social Care* MCP 9.8% 1.5% 220,162
Lakeside Healthcare* MCP 7.1% 8.0% 101,375
Harrogate and Rural District* PACS 7.0% 0.9% 162,254

*vanguards were not allocated national funding for 2017-18

Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group chief finance and operating officer Matthew Harland said its MCP had seen a significant downturn in emergency admissions in November and December 2017, which it expects to be sustained through 2018.

A spokeswoman from the Symphony vanguard told HSJ that data in the dashboard reflects “significant growth in non-elective admissions” in south Somerset from 2014-15. She added that most recent data shows a “downward trend in admissions since September 2016”, and said the vanguard model was fully rolled out to all GP practices in March 2017.

All vanguards which saw a reduction in the rate of emergency admissions over the same period:

NameVanguard typeChange in emergency admission rateChange in bed days rateTotal population covered
Better Together (Morecambe Bay) PACS -7.8% -5.6% 354,628
Encompass (Whitstable, Faversham & Canterbury) MCP -7.3% 1.4% 176,111
Connected Care Partnership (Sandwell & West Birmingham) MCP -5.8% -7.9% 79,025
Salford Together PACS -4.0% 0.8% 268,375
West Cheshire Way MCP -1.5% -1.0% 262,260
Better Local Care (Southern Hampshire) MCP -0.8% 9.0% 204,640
Northumberland Accountable Care PACS -0.2% -1.1% 324,120

 Click on a vanguard site to see how its rates of emergency admissions and bed days changed over the period, and other details:


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