Two health organisations have joined forces to champion clinical commissioning and the groups tasked with carrying it out.

The National Association of Primary Care and NHS Alliance have set up a new informal body, with the aim of becoming the collective voice of clinical commissioning groups.

The organisations suggest that clinical commissioning policies need to be developed further in order to support modern service provision.

NAPC chairman Dr Johnny Marshall said the step reflects what is an important time for the health service.

He said: “NAPC and the NHS Alliance have come together at the pivotal time in the history of the NHS to champion clinical commissioning, which will, in future, be the lynch pin, the mainstay of the NHS.

“Our strength is in our collective approach, which is dedicated to the cause of improving the health of the population of this country and modernising the NHS through the vehicle of clinical commissioning. It is now the only show in town.”

NHS Alliance chairman Dr Mike Dixon added: “If CCGs really are the NHS’s future, then they should be given a far more dominant role in designing, planning and providing the detail for that future.

“If CCGs are to succeed, the whole system will need shaking up. At the moment, it looks more like a system continuing as normal, trying to work out how CCGs fit within it.”