FINANCE: NHS Bury CCG is anticipating it will have a further £6.4m taken out of its budget to fund specialised commissioning during 2013-14, board papers state.

Under the government’s health reforms, specialised services will be commissioned nationally by NHS England.

A recently published executive summary of NHS Bury CCG’s financial plan for 2013-14 states: “The complexities of the allocations to the new commissioning organisations has meant that NHS Bury CCG is anticipating £6.4m more being taken out of contracts for specialist commissioning than was deducted from our opening allocations.”

However, it notes that across Greater Manchester “some CCGs are in the opposite position so it has been agreed to a risk share arrangement across the economy rather than there being fortuitous winners and losers”.

The paper adds: “As part of these arrangements it has been agreed that a review of the actual position will be undertaken in quarter one and two so that adjustments to allocations can be transacted based upon an assessment of the actual impact of the changes in Commissioners.”