COMMISSIONING: A GP ‘super practice’ which is also a new care model vanguard has applied to move to a different clinical commissioning group, but been rejected, HSJ can reveal.

  • Lakeside Healthcare applied to move from Corby CCG to Nene CCG
  • The commissioners declined the application and NHS England “considers the matter closed”
  • A switch would have been likely to make Corby CCG unviable due to its already small population

Lakeside Healthcare, the Northamptonshire based primary care provider, applied to move from Corby CCG to neighbouring Nene CCG earlier this year. Lakeside is a multispecialty community provider vanguard side.


Lakeside aims to become the country’s largest GP led primary care provider

Had the move gone ahead, it would have been highly likely to make Corby CCG unviable. The CCG currently has the smallest population in the country, of around 75,000 people. Nearly 50,000 of these are registered with Lakeside – meaning it accounts for around two-thirds of the CCG’s population – and would have moved to Nene if the proposal was approved.

This would have been the first example of a move by a GP provider rendering a CCG unviable. As part of its vanguard work, Lakeside, like other vanguards, is exploring taking on a capitated budget.

In a joint statement to HSJ, Corby and Nene CCGs and Lakeside Healthcare said: “The application by Lakeside Surgery to move from Corby CCG to Nene CCG has been subject to a full due diligence process, by both CCGs, supported by NHS England. 

“On 20 October the governing bodies of both CCGs met to fully review the application and the process that was followed and declined the application. 

“NHS England is aware of the decisions and considers the matter to be closed.

“Both CCGs are committed to working together with all their partners and stakeholders, including Lakeside, to achieve the mutual goal of improving the health and wellbeing of all citizens of Northamptonshire.”

Lakeside Healthcare declined to comment on the reasons for its application.

A Nene CCG spokesman said: “Following receipt of the application by Lakeside Surgeries to join Nene CCG the CCG complied with the relevant legislation… required a due diligence process to be followed which included a period of engagement to obtain a wide range of views from a number of different stakeholders including all our member practices.   

“Results of this extensive exercise showed that member practices were not in favour of Lakeside’s application, therefore, as a membership organisation, accountable to our member practices, Nene CCG declined the application.”

Corby CCG said: “Corby CCG is a statutory body and therefore has a duty to comply with the… duties placed upon it by the NHS Act 2006.

“The transfer [to Nene CCG] would not have been consistent with these duties given the likely implication for Corby CCG in terms of geography and viability.”

Lakeside aims to become the country’s largest GP led primary care provider, with an objective of a 300,000 registered list.