COMMERCIAL: The Greater East Midlands commissioning support service has launched a new information tool to enable clinical commissioning groups to access local performance and financial data.

The four CCGs in Lincolnshire had asked the CSS to produce a new web-based dashboard to meet their needs as commissioners. The resulting tool, which cost £90,000, is considered vital to achieving the CCGs’ priorities and delivering the quality, innovation, productivity and prevention programme.

The GEM Business Intelligence Dashboard is intended to enable CCGs and GP practices to manage variation by comparing themselves across a range of performance measures. These include use of out of hours services, the percentage of patients using choose and book, emergency attendance levels, and the number of attendances from high frequency users.

Demographic and financial performance data sets will also be available, alongside patient-level information which will enable practices to monitor performance case by case.

The dashboard was produced by analytics firm Datawatch and was tailored to the demands of the Lincolnshire CCGs. It launched on June 20.

The GEM CSS hopes the tool could also be adopted by other CCGs it works with, or be offered to CCGs outside the greater East Midlands area.

The CSS also emphasised that the initiative was driven by engagement with its customer CSSs. At “checkpoint two” of the CSS assurance process, the NHS Commissioning Board found GEM to have fallen short in customer engagement.