• Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby CCG says it will not meet its breakeven control total for 2018-19
  • Governing body agreed to submit plan for a £4m deficit at extraordinary board meeting yesterday
  • CCG admits this could lead to action from NHS England

A clinical commissioning group could face action from NHS England after admitting it is facing a £4m deficit and will miss its breakeven control total this financial year.

Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby CCG’s governing body held an extraordinary board meeting yesterday to discuss its financial and operational plan for 2018-19.

Commissioners heard the CCG’s financial plan did not meet its breakeven control total for 2018-19 and were asked to agree to submit a financial plan with a £4.05m deficit.

The governing body agreed the plans but admitted this could lead to action from NHSE.

Documents for the meeting said the CCG has a QIPP target of £7.23m for 2018-19 but £700,000 of this is still unidentified.

Due to its breakeven control total, the CCG is not entitled to any commissioner sustainability funding, they said.

The report said: “The CCG is required to develop a financial and operational plan that is both stretching and realistic and will be delivered within the approved allocation (breakeven).

“The current financial plan does not meet the CCG control total (breakeven) for 2018-19.

“The governing body are asked to agree that the CCG submits a financial plan with a deficit of £4.05m recognising that this may well lead to further action by NHS England.”

The agreement comes less than a month into the new financial year and it is not known whether NHSE will intervene.

The CCG had a forecast outturn deficit of £6.7m for 2017-18, after ending the previous three years in surplus.

It had an allocation of £186m for 2017-18, which will rise to £188m this year, according to the latest NHSE figures.

A spokeswoman for the CCg said: ”The governing body confirmed that the CCG will be submitting a deficit plan for 2018-19 of £4.05m. The plan does not meet the requirement to breakeven and there will therefore need to be further discussion with NHS England on the next steps.”

NHSE were approached for comment.