FINANCE: The Leeds CCGs have agreed a joint £362m “floor and ceiling contract” for core payment by results services with Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust.

Leeds West CCG’s July finance paper states: “A live Payment by Results (PbR) contract for core services was signed by all parties last month with a minimum income guarantee across Leeds of £350 million and a maximum fixed income level of up to £362m.

“The Leeds CCGs and LTHT have signed an addendum to the contract which provides LTHT with a floor and ceiling contract aimed at sharing risk between the Leeds Commissioners and LTHT for core service activity during 2013-14. This agreement applies to Leeds patients for core services only.

“The £362.1 million includes non-recurrent funds which have been earmarked for LTHT but will only be guaranteed to be paid over if stipulated conditions are met and any associated non-recurrent activity is delivered and validated by the CCG to address waiting list pressures and restructuring and performance pressures in 2013-14.”