STRUCTURE: Leeds South and East CCG has submitted evidence to NHS England for the review of its two authorisation conditions.

A paper to its July governing body meeting states that it had two conditions after authorisation. They were to have “a clear and credible plans that set out how the CCG will take responsibility for service transformation that will improve quality within available resources” and “Plan is understood by CCGs, members and other key stakeholders. Plans clearly demonstrate where and how the CCG is working with other CCHs to meet QIPP and can demonstrate that stakeholders are aware of and understand CCG priorities”.

The paper says: “On the 7 June 2013, NHS Leeds South and East CCG submitted evidence against the two conditions above to NHS England. There will now be a regional evidence review which will provide advice to the national moderations and conditions meetings.

“Following this evidence assessment and moderation, NHS England’s authorisation sub-committee will meet on 16 July 2013, and the outcomes will be communicated to CCGs in the week commencing 22 July 2013.”