STRUCTURE: Chairs have been appointed to all primary care trust clusters in London, but a number of vacancies remain unfilled, particularly in finance posts.

The NHS London strategic health authority reported in its board papers for March that senior teams in the six clusters are “largely appointed”. Clusters for Inner North East London, Outer North East London, South West London all have a full senior team in place.

However South East London and North West London are still filling vacancies, while North Central London are carrying vacancies, “predominantly for borough director posts”.

The SHA scheduled recruitment to finish on April 1, but now says some posts will not be filled in time, “particularly in finance”.

Plans are being developed to ensure the roles can be covered before permanent appointments are made.

The papers also report that staff are now coming to the end of their notice periods and “exiting organisations”. They say: “Handover processes have been put in place across all sectors to retain organisational memory and ensure business continuity”.