FINANCE: The commissioning groups across Greater Manchester may pool more than half of the 2 per cent of their allocations that must be held back for non-recurrent expenditure, North Manchester CCG board papers state.

A finance update to the CCG’s May board meeting details a proposal that 1.3 per cent of the “2 per cent headroom reserve” that the CCGs must hold back be used for “Greater Manchester wide issues” and the remaining 0.7 per cent “for local CCG determination”.

It adds that of the 1.3 per cent that would be pooled across Greater Manchester, 1 per cent would be used for “service reconfiguration and transformation”, 0.12 per cent for “non-recurrent support” of the North West Ambulance Service, and 0.18 per cent for “redundancy costs that cannot be accounted for in 2012-13”.