FINANCE: Oxfordshire’s clinical commissioning group and county council are planning to nearly double the size of their pooled budget for older people.

Council committee board papers propose that the shared sum increases from £108m to £195m.

Oxfordshire CCG’s contribution is set to increase from £30m a year to £96m, while the council is increasing its share by £21m to £99m.

The increased contributions from the council relate to the following services:

  • Prevention and early intervention – including dementia and stroke services, equipment and services for carers.
  • Social work and commissioning – including locality and hospital teams, support for sensory impairment and other central costs.
  • Day services and transport.

The increased contributions from the CCG relate to:

  • The community services contract with Oxford Health – including community hospitals, community nursing, hospital at home, podiatry, emergency medical unit and single point of access for rehabilitation and care.
  • The mental health services contract with Oxford Health – including community, acute inpatient and outpatient services as well as day services for older people.
  • End of life care.

The partners are also proposing to remove ring fences which previously existed in the pooled budget.

Risk would be shared and based on the proportion of contributions from each party. For 2013-14 this would be 51 per cent county council and 49 per cent CCG.

The papers say: “The main benefit of this change is that it means both parties have a vested interest in ensuring spend is committed in the most effective way. It is in the interests of both parties to know how actions or savings by one partner can impact on those of the other to the extent that duplication within services is avoided and to make the most efficient use of resources.”

The changes are due to be considered by Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet this month.