The NHS Alliance has launched a new network designed to help practice managers influence policy and promote best practice in primary care.

Run by practice managers themselves, the NHS practice management network will also attempt to create a local and national support network.

More than 2,000 staff have already joined the network, and the eventual goal is to bring together all practice managers in the country.

The network is a partnership between the NHS Alliance, the British Medical Association, Royal College of GPs, National Association of Primary Care, AMSPAR the Family Doctors Association and the Institute of Healthcare Management.

NHS Alliance practice manager lead Wendy Evans said: “When we talk about the NHS, we tend to forget that practice managers have a key role to play in promoting excellence in primary care. They should be involved and consulted in every step of policy making and service delivery.

“The network will redress the balance and empower practice managers to influence what’s going on around them.”