How much of your time was spent feeding the beast today? How much job satisfaction did it give you?

How many patients did it help? How many more were seen as a result? Your life is one long, frustrating round of being well and truly hemmed in, isn't it?

So here's a question, then. If they shot me and my regulation colleagues tomorrow, apart from the obvious glee, how would it benefit you? How much time would you save? And, more tellingly, how would you spend it? (Besides sleeping, cos I know a lot of your desks are used for that.)

Would you be able to spend more time completing pieces of work? Writing neater notes, filing the leaning tower of pisa that's taking over your desk? Perhaps you'd hold more or longer meetings, giving the team big-mouth more airtime. Maybe more training, fully equipping you and your staff to cope with every eventuality, smoothly and professionally.

Yep, all of the above, I bet. Basically, anything but focus on how to increase patient throughput and reduce the length of the patient journey. Anything but focus on what management information you need in order to guide your decision-making, enabling patients to be seen faster and live longer. So if you're not inclined to do it for yourselves, then the beast has to be fed, so that its masters can guide you, n'est ce pas?

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