PERFORMANCE: The South Central strategic health authority area missed its target for the proportion of patients spending 90 per cent of their time on a dedicated stroke unit in quarter one of 2011-12.

The SHA was dragged down by below-target performance in the Isle of Wight, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West, scoring 79 per cent across the region, against a target of 80 per cent.

In the Isle of Wight the figure was 70 per cent. Oxfordshire scored 78 per cent, while Berkshire West scored 76 per cent.

All other South Central primary care trust areas scored 80 per cent or more.

For transient ischemic attack patients, the SHA beat its target for the percentage of patients considered at risk of a stroke treated within 24 hours, with 76 per cent against a target of 65 per cent.

However, performance varied in the region, with a score of just 44 per cent in the Berkshire East PCT area, and 70 per cent against a local target of 80 per cent in Portsmouth.

Berkshire West fell just short of its local target of 82 per cent, with a score of 78 per cent.