FINANCE: Commissioners in Warwickshire and Worcestershire have said they need to save 10 per cent on their support service costs, and have set out where they are considering spending less.

The six clinical commissioning groups across Coventry, Warwickshire and Worcestershire are all customers of the Arden Commissioning Support Unit.

This month’s South Warwickshire CCG board papers say: “Like many CCGs nationally, we are taking the opportunity to revisit our original decisions about what we provide in-house, share with other CCGs, or buy in from commissioning support.”

The papers reveal the CCGs have been collaborating on the renegotiation of services.

Collectively they aim to achieve a 10 per cent management cost saving, to eliminate costs relating to “business development”, and for Arden CSU staff to “adopt the values and culture of the CCGs”.

The CCGs also want to have core CSU teams based permanently with them.

From April 2014 the Warwickshire and Worcestershire CCGs are “proposing changing the quantity of some of the services currently purchased”.

The changes will be in corporate services − including organisational development, human resources, risk management, complaints management and business continuity − and commissioning services, such as service redesign and contract management.

New service level agreements due to be finalised in February.