COMMERCIAL: Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group has opted not to renew a contract with an organisation providing specialist referral advice and treatment at consultant-led community clinics.

In a statement posted on its website, Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group said its contract with Epsom Downs Integrated Care Services has “run its course”.

The CCG said it had been working closely with other local providers to finalise alternative arrangements for patients who would have been referred to a community clinic run by EDICS or for a diagnostic procedure.

It noted that for many patients, this meant clinics would continue at the same locations and run by the same clinicians, but hosted by another organisation.

Karen Parsons, Surrey Downs chief operating officer, said: “Our arrangement with EDICS has come to an end and alternative arrangements are now in place.

“We have written to patients to let them know about this change and to reassure them about their future care.”

EDICS was awarded Any Qualified Provider status just over a year ago in July 2012.