PERFORMANCE: The chair of Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group, the first to introduce a “mutual assurance process” with NHS England, has said the process has helped to join up commissioning.

This follows the first major survey of CCGs, which found only 19 per cent of leaders thought NHS England worked effectively with them in its role as the commissioner of primary care.

Tower Hamlets and NHS England’s London regional team have overseen monthly meetings between primary, secondary and specialist commissioners for the past six months.

CCG chair Sam Everington told HSJ the agenda for each meeting was mutually agreed and could include anything related to primary, secondary or specialised commissioning. Attendees decide action points, which they check have been acted on in the next meeting.

Dr Everington said “there didn’t seem to be a clear assurance process of primary and secondary commissioning, as there was for CCG assurance”, adding that mutual assurance was “a good way to join up the commissioning process”.