FINANCE: North Bristol Trust will receive £3.3m over the next year as part of the Department’s of Health capital giveaway.

The money will be used to purchase items including:

  • Dialysis machines to enable us to expand the home dialysis service;
  • Bariatric operating table which will give us more flexibility in the treatment of bariatric patients;
  • Intensive care ventilators
  • Ultrasound machines which will offer improved imaging quality
  • A fundas camera that will be used to capture high quality images of the interior surface of the eyes

The money came from a £330m pot of capital funding which trusts could apply for a share of at the end of last year.

Health secretary Andrew Lansley said: ““We have saved money in central capital budgets this year which means we can spend more money on improving NHS facilities. This will mean that more of North Bristol NHS Trust’s patients will benefit from the latest world class equipment.”

Trust medical director Chris Burton said: “Many of the items will enable us to offer patients an even better service and, in some cases, more flexibility in how and where they receive their care.”