FINANCE: The trust reported a surplus of £60,000 for the first two months of 2012-13, but noted that this included “strategic support funding” of £4.1m.

“The Trust is reporting a surplus of £60k at the end of May against a planned surplus of £65k,” said its latest finance report. But it added: “The position in May is supported by £4.1m of strategic support funding. As in previous years, the Trust will require strategic support funding to bridge the gap between income and expenditure, although the final amount has yet to be agreed with NHS North of England.”

NCUH’s total income was £19m for May against a target of £19.2m. Clinical income was £17.4m against a target of £17.8m.

The report noted: “Elective activity levels are ahead of the plan, however, the casemix of elective inpatients and daycases has been lower than planned in the early months of 2012-13. Non-elective activity is currently behind the plan although the casemix is in line with the plan, this is the main driver of the income under performance. The final profile of the activity is now agreed with the commissioners. All other income streams are currently performing ahead of plan both in May and the year to date.”