FINANCE: The trust anticipates a reduction in its income of around £10m in 2012-13, its newly published financial plan for the year shows.

The plan forecasts “likely” income for the year of around £217m, down from £227m in 2011-12. The trust’s agreed contract with its main commissioner, NHS Cumbria, shows a slight increase in cash-terms income, from £168m last year to around £172m in 2012-13.

However, North Cumbria expects the financial support it receives from strategic health authority cluster NHS North of England to reduce from £28m to £19m. The trust has not yet formally concluded negotiations with the SHA, and its plans include a “best case” scenario of £20m financial support, and a “worst case” of £18m.

Under the likely scenario, North Cumbria would have to achieve a “very challenging” £16.9m of savings this year. However, the plan states, “this includes the shortfall against the 2011/12 CIP target for which there are significantly progressed plans”.

It adds: “The final CIP for 2012/13 has been determined by the level of recurrent CIP delivered in 2011/12 and final contract negotiations with NHS Cumbria.”