FINANCE: The trust has cut its forecast surplus from £1m down to just £200,000 despite receiving more than £20m in “strategic support funding” for the year.

Its latest finance report shows that for the first 10 months of 2012-13 North Cumbria recorded a surplus of £204,000, against a planned surplus of £562,000. That position was supported by £22.6m of strategic support funding for the year to date.

“Due to the continued high demand for non-elective services which has increased expenditure over the last two months, it will not be possible for the trust to achieve a year end surplus of £1m as planned,” the report states.

“The trust has therefore agreed with the [strategic health authority, NHS North West] that it would reduce its income and expenditure forecast outturn to £0.2m.”

North Cumbria originally planned to make cost improvement savings of £16.9m for 2012-13, but this was later revised down to £6m. Its latest forecast is that actual savings for the full year will be £5m.