COMMERCIAL: A revised business case for rebuilding the trust’s West Cumberland Hospital is now “fully compliant” with future commissioners’ plans, a special NHS Cumbria board meeting will be told.

A paper put to a special meeting of the primary care trust’s board on 21 February states: “The North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust approved a Full Business Case (FBC) for the West Cumberland Hospital in May 2011.”

It continues: “The Trust has brought the FBC up to date to demonstrate that the plan for the hospital is fully compliant with the NHS Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group’s commissioning intentions and in line with the agreed clinical strategy and the outcome of the Closer to Home Consultation.

“At the same time the Trust has ensured that all of the issues which were identified in the March 2011 National Clinical Team Advisory Report have been resolved in the clinical workforce plans for WCH.

“The Trust has also undertaken detailed further work on the revenue plans in order to ensure that there is evidence that each of its two hospitals is able to achieve financial balance in the medium term.”

The detail has been drawn together in an Addendum to the FBC which was approved by the NCUHT Board at its February meeting.

The detailed financial information is regarded as “commercial-in confidence” and will be considered in a private session prior to the meeting, the paper adds.

It continues: “The Assurance Report indicates that the WCH project can be seen to play a key role in enhancing clinical care and improving health outcomes in West Cumbria, in line with agreed strategies; that it can now be shown to be affordable to commissioners, and that support for this project will not be detrimental to the resolution of the outstanding funding issues within the Trust.”