FINANCE: North Staffordshire is forecasting a year-end deficit of £1.89m.

According to board papers, the month nine financial results show a year to date surplus of £292,000 surplus.

The mental health trust is forecasting an outturn position in line with its revised control total set by NHS West Midlands of £0.7m surplus – reduced from £1.03m as a result of a change in the profile of payments relating to its private finance initiative agreement.

However, board papers note that this control total excludes “technical adjustments” of £2.6m, which when included results forecast a retained year-end deficit of £1.9m.

The board was told that work “remains ongoing to continue to identify additional CIP (cost improvement programme) schemes, as well as the monitoring of the current schemes”.

Across the trust, £5m of CIP plans have been identified and transacted with a further £75,000 budget adjustments planned. This has led to an over achievement against the trust’s CIP target of £266,000.