WORKFORCE: The mental health trust has fallen significantly behind on its target for staff performance development reviews.

A report on initial feedback from the 2010 staff survey summarises PDR activity within North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare during the period 1 April to 31 December 2010.

As of December 458 staff had received a PDR out of the 1,801 staff expected to have one – equivalent to 25 per cent of the workforce.  A further breakdown shows PDRs have been received by 24 per cent of clinical staff and 30 per cent of non-clinical staff.

The trust’s target was for 1,351 staff to have had a PDR by December, meaning it only achieved 34 per cent of its monthly target for December. Between May and the end of September, the trust was meeting 40-41 per cent of its monthly target, but this was not sustained over the next three months.

Board papers said: “It is disappointing to report that since the end of quarter two, there has been a steady drop in the trust’s performance against target set, from an already low position.

“There has been a slow but steady increase in the actual compliance with PDR across the whole trust, but at levels well below those needed to meet the monthly targets and to deliver full compliance by the end of March 2011.”

The board was told measures had commenced to tackle the possibility of any under-reporting of PDR activity and a number of projects are ongoing to improve PDR quality and compliance rate.

“These include introducing a simplified knowledge and skills framework process and reviewing existing documentation and systems.”