FINANCE: The primary care trust said its revenue forecast at month 10, January, was “on track” to achieve a surplus control target of £1m.

The PCT’s board papers show its position on 31 January as a surplus of £940,000 with a forecast outturn of £1m.  

The finance report states: “The revenue position is on track to achieve the control total surplus, as the key risks have now been managed and any financial exposure has been reflected in the financial position.”

It added: “This position takes into account revised UHNS [University Hospital of North Staffordshire] contract agreement including the financial support through the strategic change reserve and £3.3m over-performance on continuing care.”

The report noted that the PCT’s provider arm was reporting a “small deficit” of £350,000, but said a recovery plan has been agreed “that should see this as a worse case position”.

It also said: “There is a potential risk of a small under spending on the capital programme as a result of slippage of three schemes.”