FINANCE: A primary care trust that won two legal battles after rejecting a former policeman’s request for weight-loss surgery has changed its mind and agreed to provide funding for the operation.

North Staffordshire PCT turned down Tom Condliff’s original individual funding request for a laparoscopic gastric bypass operation as such procedures are only given to patients with a BMI of more than 50 for budget reasons, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Mr Condliff, of Staffordshire, took his case to the High Court and the Appeal Court, claiming that his right to a family life was being breached - but judges in both courts rejected his bid on the grounds that private circumstances should not be considered when scarce resources are being allocated.

The 62-year-old, who weighs 22 stone, takes 28 different drugs as he suffers from 13 illnesses. He also has to use a number of inhalers and breathing masks.

He made a new request for the operation on August 10 and was told by North Staffordshire PCT bosses that his funding had been approved due to his exceptional circumstances and the fact he would benefit more than the average obese patient.