PERFORMANCE: On 9 May the foundation trust began a recall of patients who have had metal-on-metal total hip replacement.

The recall follows last year’s recall of patients who had metal-on-metal hip resurfacing joints.

The trust has written to the 450 patients who have total hip replacements where the ball at the top of the joint and the cup which sits in the pelvis are both made of metal.

The trust is following guidance from the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority saying all patients with metal-on-metal hip joints should be reviewed to identify any early signs that their hip joint if failing. There can be problems where the tissue around the hip joint is affected.

The 450 patients had their total hip replacements at either the University Hospital of Hartlepool or the University Hospital of North Tees between 2003 and 2009, after which the problem was identified and surgeons stopped using the joints.