FINANCE: Hinchingbrooke Health Care is reporting a cumulative deficit of £1.8m but still expects to breakeven at the end of the year thanks to financial recovery plan schemes.

Board papers state: “The underlying operating performance in January was a deficit of £394,000 which represents a £213,000 adverse variance to plan.

“This brought the underlying cumulative operating deficit to £1.8m prior to the release of contingencies contained within the financial recovery plan and compares with a reported £1.4m deficit reported in December.”

A breakeven position is achieved by application of the remaining financial recovery plan of £543,000, NHS Cambridgeshire block income of £300,000, Prior Period Adjustment of £350,000, further capitalisation of labour on trust schemes of £44,000 and the balance via strategic health authority support for Hinchingbrooke Next Steps - the plan to secure the future of the hospital via an independent sector francise.

It adds: “The trust continues to report a breakeven position at year-end and this has been reported to and discussed with the strategic health authority as part of January close down.”