PERFORMANCE: Patients prefer long term conditions to be monitored from home, according to a recent North Yorkshire survey.

The survey of 200 patients currently using telehealth in North Yorkshire and York showed that 96 per cent of them would recommend the technology to others, with 98 per cent being either satisfied or highly satisfied with how it was helping them manage their long term health condition.

Kerry Wheeler, assistant director of strategy at NHS North Yorkshire and York, said: “The results of the survey speak for themselves and are further evidence of the huge positive impact telehealth is having on local patients’ lives.”

The survey also showed that almost 60 per cent of patients surveyed felt that telehealth had helped them avoid an admission to hospital. One patient said: “I went into hospital four times last year. Since using telehealth I haven’t been in once.”

The survey, conducted by NHS North Yorkshire and York and Tunstall Response, the service provider for telehealth, is one of the largest ever to be undertaken to capture patients’ experiences and perceptions of telehealth.