PERFORMANCE: Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust is investigating 26 serious incidents.

The incidents include two alleged homicides, in addition to overdoses of medication taken at home, patients falling out of bed and active aggression by patients towards staff.

A spokeswoman said: “This trust actively encourages the reporting of all events that might be untoward.

“When a serious incident is reported it is then investigated.  It may be that after investigating the event, it is concluded that  nothing untoward actually happened.”

Last month, reported how concerns had been raised about 22 serious incidents, including six suicides, recorded at another East Midlands mental health trust, Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust. The issue was red-rated by NHS Nottinghamshire County.

NHS Midlands and East is reviewing the regional policy for serious incidents requiring investigation, a quality report from NHS Northamptonshire’s most recent board meeting states.

The report also says that Northampton General Hospital has launched an internal review of falls because 11 falls resulting in serious injury have been reported since April 2011.