PATIENT SAFETY: Nottingham University Hospitals has become the first NHS trust in the country to use special blood-tracking software.

The hospital has joined with technology company MSoft eSolutions to use its Bloodhound system.

The technology controls access to all blood fridges while a bedside management system allows each bar-coded blood unit to be matched with the patient’s wristband in a matter of seconds.

The company said the system gives greater security and safety for patients ensuring only approved staff are allowed access to blood.

Nottingham is also the first NHS trust in the country to purchase MSoft’s Vital360 – a bedside software solution which gives staff across the trust instant access to patient vital statistics, observation charts and MEWS calculations.

Matt McAlister, managing director of MSoft eSolutions, said: “We are delighted to have been selected by Nottingham University Hospitals to provide the trust with a comprehensive range of systems which will significantly enhance patient safety.

“It is an extremely busy trust with more than 1,500 beds across its three sites and it has rightly recognised the importance of harnessing the very best in technology as part of its overall patient care.”

He added: “Hospitals need to know the technology they invest in will provide them with the sophisticated, efficient and, most importantly, secure and safe systems they require.”